April 7-9, 2017
Friday April 7th
Gold & Platinum 6pm Report
Saturday April 8th
Copper 1 – 8am Report – 5&6yrs, 7yrs, 8yrs, & 10yrs
10:30am Report – 9yrs, 11&12yrs, 13+yrs.

Copper 2 – 12:45pm Report – All ages

Silver – 3:15pm Report – 9&10yrs. 11yrs, 13yrs
6:15pm Report – 12yrs, 14&15yrs, 16+yrs
Sunday April 9th
Bronze 8am Report – 6-10yrs
11:15am Report – 11yrs, 14+yrs
Bronze Diamond 11:15am Report – All ages
Bronze 2pm Report – 12yrs, 13yrs

March In begins 20-40min. after report time, depending on level.
Awards are held in a separate ballroom immediately following every session!
Admission – $15 adults, Children $10 (cash only)


BOOK your HOTEL ROOMS NOW! Go to USAIGCNJ.com Hotels  for Split Rock Resort room pricing and reservation contact information.

REMINDER – Entry and team fees must be received by March 1st! Thank you to all who have sent in their fees thus far.

Meet fees are sent to the address on the entry form:

Flyers’ Team Office

20 N Liberty St.

Hammonton, NJ 08037 



Split Rock Resort

Final Team Line Up – DE, NJ, NY, PA, VA



*Ace – NJ

*All American – NY

*Blakes – NJ

*Chenango – NY

*Delco – PA

*Dyma – VA

*Elite Dreams – NJ

*Flyers’ – NJ

*Fusion – PA

*Go for the Gold – NJ

*Gold Medal,Garden City- NY

*Gold Medal,Huntington – NY

*Gym Starz – PA

*Gymnastics City – NY

*JK – PA


*Mid Coast – DE

*Nittany – PA

*North stars – NJ

*Northeast Institute – NY

*Northern Elite – NJ

*Rebound – NJ

*Relentless – PA

*Sagamore – NY

*Titan – NJ

*Westy’s – NJ